Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where do your books live?

I Love this Library, how they've set up the table with it's little stacks of books and the beautiful vase of flowers which compliment the colour of the table coverings.
It's given a potentialy masculine room a subtly femenine touch.

I'm pretty sure most of us have seen this image a dozen times over, but I would love to have something like this in my home one day.
My cielings are almost high enough for it, Lucky hey!

There is something so special about book shelves around a door way,
I love the idea of reaching up to grab your favourite book on the way out into the garden to sit in the afternoon sun for a good read.
Ahh Bliss.

This image gave me some inspiration for my own bookcase.
I Love the use of stacks of books and special objects in between photo's and novels.

This to me would be the absolute best use of a long hallway.
I love the little window seats for a quick reading stop.

This is quite a beautiful way to recycle I believe this was a door and it has been turned into a bookcase, really lovely.

Oh to dream! I think this is quite magical and would love to have a loft or studio big enough to recreate something like this.
I'm thinking or doing something similar for my laundry when we renovate. Ah the posibilities.

The colour used in this bookcase is as much a feature as the books and collectables on it's shelves.
Just stunning!

Where do your books live?

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karlene said...

I love that black desk/table!