Sunday, January 18, 2009

Heavenly stairways.

image courtesy of Cote de Texas
Design By Varney

image via of Victor Horta Hotel

I'm so curious as to where this is, it looks all English cottage garden

but from the Architecture on the building I'm thinking it could be in India?

Whimsical and romantic... Perfection!

This is just an absolutely beautiful space. X

Very Glamourous and in an Ideal world this would be my home. sigh...

The Spiral stairs are a bit of an obsession as my clever Husband will be making some for our planned renovations, to run from the Library down to the open plan games/rumpus area.

This is just some extra Laundry inspiration for me as we will be renovating soon.

I love how this area looks like it could be inside or outside or infact a combination of both.

This reminds me a little of the entry to the appartment
where Gregory Pecks character lived in the movie Roman Holiday

The use of colour in this stairway is just georgous.

When I started compiling this entry I got so terribly side-tracked I forgot what I was doing!
The reason
If you get any inpiration from this post at all I can assure you you will love
Please take a look, it will certainly open you eyes to something we use and take for granted everyday,
The humble Stairway.


karlene said...

those are gorgeous stairways!!!

Anna Lindsey Sailer O'Reilly said...

Oh! How lovely! I want one.