Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Workroom Inspiration

Via Domino

Via Cote De Texas

I love these curtains, this would be the perfect look for the doorway between
what will be the workroom and the room where I would be seeing potential clients.
The chairs are pretty special too.
I love the combination of Blue and Gold.

Via Domino

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I have often considered starting some sort of home based business but have always doubted my capability to be organised enough to make it work.
I like working for a 'boss' because you can leave it up to someone else to do all the paper work and stressing.
I have know been put in a position where the thought of having a little more control over my income has become quite important.
Where to go from here though?
I have been working in the bridal industry going on eight years now and really love it.
I like sewing and creating beautiful things but my problem is where to start?
I'm not a pattern maker and don't enjoy that side at all so I suppose I could do Alterations sigh which I am not fond of at all.
I like the idea of home accessories like bespoke soft furnishings but how to get it out there?
I would also consider doing other evening wear but again I'm not really sure if there is a market for what I love to do?
Then there's the space to do the cutting out, sewing and of course to see clients for fittings.
I would have to move my daughter out of her room and potentially move in there ourselves to use the main bedroom which has a sun room attached to use as the workroom.
The possibilities are there but am I ready and will it work?
I think I'll be doing allot of soul searching over the next couple of weeks stay tuned...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

End Of Financial Year Sale

Well it's that time of 2009 already when those of us in retail try to clear as much of our stock as possible before June 30.
Although it's a little different when you also manufacture the stock you need to clear, it means we get to replace them with new and updated styles..
I get very excited as I know we are close to starting work on a New Collection.
This is the most enjoyable part of being a dressmaker.
It's a wonderfully creative time with lots of brainstorming and team work and of course a chance to get to use new fabrics and laces.
But before I get to carried away I'd like to invite all those in Bloggland to visit our store over the next two weeks to take advantage of some of the best savings you'll ever see on Australian Made Bridal Gowns!
Some are Starting at just $400!!!
We also have some great savings on our selection of Jewellery at 25% off including our range of Stephanie Brown Jewellery.
All our Olga Berg evening and overnight bags are up to 50% off.
Visit us at bibowdenbrides.com.au now and call to make an appointment on (07) 33240018.
I cant wait to show you all our new designs in the not to distant future.
Jenny G x

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Impressions

image via flicker
habitually chic

via domino

desire to inspire

entry design

chateau marmont

via domino

via domino

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kitchen Love

Image via flicker

I love all these looks for a beautiful kitchen I'm really looking forward to working on mine.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

In The Round

There's something so attractive about round tables.
I have put together a collection of some of my favourites.
These are just a few of the pictures I've collected over the last year or so, of dinning tables.
Round tables are so versatile, often being used in an entry hall with a vase of flowers in the centre.
In the library elegantly stacked with beautiful books.
As a coffee or bedside table.
Dinning tables though, become more than just a place to gather and share a meal, when teamed with elegant dinning chairs or brightly colour bentwood's they become a focal point of any home.
via pottery barn

via daisy pink cup cake

I would never have considered putting this shade of coral in this setting but to my delight it works so well. I love it!

via traditional home

This open plan kitchen/dinning room feels so relaxed and calming yet really homely and inviting.
I love the use of neutral colours teamed with the dark floors it's a perfect contrast.
This is something I might use in my kitchen when we renovate
via domino

The use of available space in this image is inspirational.
I know what it's like to live with a storage
problem and this would be a great solution.
And it looks just stunning, again the dark floors give that great contrast.
I love the little sconces, which makes me think it would be a great place to catch up on some reading too.

via country home

via elle decor
This is from Nat Berkus' home in Chicargo, this particular blue/grey on the dinning chairs would have to be my favourate shade and I am seriously considering using it in our bedroom, I'm thinking carpet.
via Domino
I love the shape of this table I've seen it in side tables aswell and would love one in our library.
via coastal livivng
A very fresh and light breakfast table setting, again the blue of the chairs is so beautiful and I love their design and shape.
via beach dwelling

via real living

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Time alone.

I have a morning routine which includes at least two cups of earl grey tea at the computer checking my emails and my favourite blogs.

My absolute favourite blog is Absolutely Beautiful Things.

Anna never fails to inspire me and this morning she touched on something close to my heart, Time Alone.

We all need time alone to do the things that we love.

It helps us to regain a sense of ourselves and often we all forget how important that is, not only to us but the people around us.

If we don't nurture this side of ourselves we can become sad and bitter and nobody wants that!

So if you can take time out and do the things you enjoy, below are some of the things and places I love to take time for myself.

I can spend hours in Borders.

Paddington Antiques Centre has been a favourite since the first time I came to Brisbane 15 years ago.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a magazine problem.I love them and at the moment Elle Decor is one of my favourites.

There's nothing more I love than sitting in a great cafe and pouring over the latest magazines with a Cup of Earl Grey or three.

Speaking of Tea I think one of my all time favourite Brisbane cafes would be Watt at the Powerhouse.It's on the river and on the weekend you can sit in the sun and people watch to your hearts content.

It's wonderful!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Many Mirrors

via trace elements.com

I love the use of white with just a splash of colour,
the mirror brings in heaps of light.
I also really like the perspex table it just opens up the room so much.

What a beautiful room perfect for a
honeymoon, you would never want to leave.
I love the placement of the Mirror.

Everything about this room is perfect!
The mirror is just beautiful becoming a focal point
but also pulling everything together in perfect harmony.

via Carolina eclectic

I thought this bathroom mirror was so Divine I would love to have something like this in my home.
Even the cornices are gorgeous with the little
animals I think they're lambs maybe and
you can get just a glimpse of the chandelier so cute.

via ballard designs

Everything about this image is soo beautiful to me.

The use of colour, texture and light is perfect.

Another inspirational bathroom mirror, a little quirky but so
cute with the love heart pictures and tiny porcilain ornaments
on the little shelves.
I love the detail around the sink, very old fashioned.

Another great use of a large mirror in an interesting space.

I must say a bit of a sucker for large windows too.

All I can say is white and green is perfection to me.

Is this real or just a dream?
So beautiful, my cielings are this high I'm so lucky!