Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I have often considered starting some sort of home based business but have always doubted my capability to be organised enough to make it work.
I like working for a 'boss' because you can leave it up to someone else to do all the paper work and stressing.
I have know been put in a position where the thought of having a little more control over my income has become quite important.
Where to go from here though?
I have been working in the bridal industry going on eight years now and really love it.
I like sewing and creating beautiful things but my problem is where to start?
I'm not a pattern maker and don't enjoy that side at all so I suppose I could do Alterations sigh which I am not fond of at all.
I like the idea of home accessories like bespoke soft furnishings but how to get it out there?
I would also consider doing other evening wear but again I'm not really sure if there is a market for what I love to do?
Then there's the space to do the cutting out, sewing and of course to see clients for fittings.
I would have to move my daughter out of her room and potentially move in there ourselves to use the main bedroom which has a sun room attached to use as the workroom.
The possibilities are there but am I ready and will it work?
I think I'll be doing allot of soul searching over the next couple of weeks stay tuned...


One Flew Over said...

Congratulations Jenny! I'm sure you will be a HUGE success!

Anna said...

Hi Jennifer...stumbled across your blog through A-M...and have enjoyed viewing your blog.
Good luck with the possible new venture of starting your own business...I think the most important thing to do is..research..research ..research..which was the advice given to me...and it has been invaluable...all the best with it...would love to hear how you go :) Anna x