Thursday, February 5, 2009

Time alone.

I have a morning routine which includes at least two cups of earl grey tea at the computer checking my emails and my favourite blogs.

My absolute favourite blog is Absolutely Beautiful Things.

Anna never fails to inspire me and this morning she touched on something close to my heart, Time Alone.

We all need time alone to do the things that we love.

It helps us to regain a sense of ourselves and often we all forget how important that is, not only to us but the people around us.

If we don't nurture this side of ourselves we can become sad and bitter and nobody wants that!

So if you can take time out and do the things you enjoy, below are some of the things and places I love to take time for myself.

I can spend hours in Borders.

Paddington Antiques Centre has been a favourite since the first time I came to Brisbane 15 years ago.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a magazine problem.I love them and at the moment Elle Decor is one of my favourites.

There's nothing more I love than sitting in a great cafe and pouring over the latest magazines with a Cup of Earl Grey or three.

Speaking of Tea I think one of my all time favourite Brisbane cafes would be Watt at the Powerhouse.It's on the river and on the weekend you can sit in the sun and people watch to your hearts content.

It's wonderful!

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Anna Spiro said...

Hi Jenny,

So glad you like the blog and that my post yesterday meant something to you! Time on my own is so special to me too! Thanks also for the lovely comments you have been leaving me...I know I don't comment back enough these days but I do very much appreciate you visiting ABT!! Oh, and I notice you are a Brisbane girl too!!