Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Unnamed Post on Beautiful Bedrooms

Over the last year or so I have been following some of the most beautiful and inspiring Blogs from around the world.

Some of my favorites include Absolutely Beautiful Things, Cote de Texas,
This Is Glamorous, Alkemie, Style Me Pretty and the list could go on and on.
Along the way I have collected a rather beautiful selection of pictures from these and other Blogs that touch me and inspired me.
Unfortunately at the time I hadn't planned on creating my own Blog or on wanting to use them for anything other than my screen saver slide on my home computer.
So as of today I will be posting what I have dubbed the Unnamed Post, a selection of these pictures I love but unfortunately don't have or don't remember the site I collected them from.
I hate the thought of upsetting anyone by not giving credit where it is due so if at anytime you can recall where one of these pictures originated please leave me a comment so I can label the picture in question.
Thanks for your understanding.


karlene said...

each one of them I loved until I saw the next one. Very perfect taste!!!

Bespoke Press said...

Oh what a beautiful collection! Im so in love with the chair on the third bottom image, oh I could just sit and admire it all day!

Jessica Salter said...

I need help! I'm trying to find some curtains like the ones in the forth picture from the top. I've been searching for yellow geometric fabric or curtains everywhere and I can't find anything! Any ideas....?

Jennifer Gifford said...

Jessica, I think your best bet would be to talk to a reputable interior designer. I'm not sure where you are, I know Anna at Black and Spiro in Brisbane would be able to source something like this for you.
Good Luck and thanks for the coment.

Ann Bingley Gallops said...

A beautiful selection! I blog about Feng Shui and just used one of these pics on my own blog (linking to you for credit, of course). Thanks so much for doing some of the legwork for me :)