Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our Big Day

I loved making all our invitations with the help of my Mother and my Sister Emma.

There's so many different types of paper around these days that personalising your wedding stationary is a cinch.

The day was perfect, beautiful weather and absolutely nothing went wrong.... sigh...wonderful.

My Dad was amazing, he did cry through the whole ceremony but that's just what he's like, bless.

Did I mention how wonderful the weather was so warm for August.

Everyone looked so great too I love an excuse to get dressed up and what better reason than a wedding!

All my girls came over two days before the wedding to help me with the flowers which I bought from the Rocklea flower Market.

It ended up costing a fraction of what a Professional would have and it was a lovely thing to involve my girlfriends in the wedding preparations.

The Wedding favours were mostly made by my Mother and I helped a little. Can you Guess what they are?

They're little sewing kits and for the boys I bought a heap of little steel puzzles, they kept people busy at the reception, what fun!

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