Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our House

About a year ago Scott and I bought our beautiful home.
We'd been looking for something that we could renovate and hopefully have room for my parents aswell.

We found the perfect house not only did it have room on the back of the block for a Granny flat of sorts, but the house itself is a renovators dream. The Mango tree in the back corner had to go.
But I managed to convice everyone the Crepe Myrtal could be saved and just cut back to fence height. I'm just waiting for it to flower, it will be beautiful!!!

The wide pine floor board's are sloping and under the house has a maze of wierd little rooms and alot of random usage of cement. Soon we'll lift the house and straighten the floor.

The lounge/dining was the most horrid reddish pink colour but we got onto that the first weekend we were in the house. With plenty of helping hand from family.

The cielings are high and the view from the lounge window looks out to a park!
Yes that is a Hot Air Balloon landing in the park!!

Mum and dad have thier little house on the back of the block and we're all close and happy.
Getting thier house here was awesome I hope you like my photographic timeline.

It was shipped in on the back of two big trucks, you can see the kitchen and part of one bedroom in this shot.

They proceeded to lift them over our house and onto the back of the block, it was amazing to watch.

Now we have a smaller garden which means much less maintanence and it has a lovely courtyard feel to it and we did the work on it ourselves. It feels great.

In this shot you can see My parents little house and just by the fence is my Crepe Myrtal which will bloom soon, I can't wait to see all the pink flowers.

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