Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Little Something I've been Working On......

This is by far the most important project I've been working on this year!
Scott and I are expecting a baby girl in March.
It has definitely been a very different experience from my first pregnancy 13 years ago.
Yes my beautiful daughter Neve will be 13 in just over a month!
Morning sickness and fatigue have been a challenge but I feel pretty good now although we are heading into the hottest time of the year.
As you can imagine I will be taking things easy heading into 2011 but I will still be accepting orders through etsy so keep me in mind for your next big occasion.
I have some other exciting things happening too.
In February I will be collaborating with an amazing local artist in an exhibition, so stay tuned.

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Closet said...

Congratulations Jennifer! Just had a look at your etsy store and I love the silk floral cushion covers- do you just have the one available??