Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why I've been so quiet in Blogland.

Karen from The Powder Room touching up Sally's Make up.

Sally looking beautiful wearing Jewellery from

You would probably have noticed how quiet I've been in Blogland over the last few weeks.

Well here is a sneak peak of what I've been up to.

Last Thursday was a culmination of about four months of hard work.

I have been working in the Bridal industry as a dressmaker for almost 10 years now.

For most of those 10 years I have been working for some of the best Bridal companies in Queensland and possibly Australia, including Kym Scott Couture, Wendy Makin and BiBowden Bridal Design.

This time last year I decided to start up working from home.

You could say circumstances forced my hand but ultimately I feel that Fate nudged me in the right direction at the right time.

With some word of mouth and a little advertising it wasn't long before I had a steady stream of lovely clients.

It was also at this time I discovered the fantasticness that is etsy and embarked on expressing my creativity in other forms of craft and happily made some money on the way.

Most importantly I discovered a new niche where I could not only express my creative side but also focus it on my love of beautiful handmade Wedding and Formal gowns.

And so this new venture has begun.

In the next few weeks I will be launching my new ready to wear Wedding, Formal and Evening wear collection on etsy!

Ever since the first time I created an evening gown for my Barbie Doll at age six I have dreamt about creating my own designs!

Now I have a workroom , a website, a blog and a facebook fan page.
And a Business doing what I love!

I belong to an amazing team of people {Brisstyle} who encourage and support you in your Handmade Journey.

I have more confidence in my abilities than ever before and I'm ready for the next chapter in this amazing Story that is Jennifers Gift.
Stay tuned for the Launch!


Beckstar said...

Good for you, my dear. How wonderful to be doing what you love x

Anna said... so happy for you..that you have found a passion and the right balance that works perfectly for you.
Looking forward to checking out your new etsy you think you could have it ready in a week? lol..I am in desperate need of a new frock for a wedding happening on the fourth of July..and I love that lovely number you have featured ( image 2) just gorgeous!! xo

BettsyKingston said...

Absolutely Beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished collection on Etsy

Sandrine said...

A big Congratulations from me for following your dream, I wish you all the best, your work is divine!Well done! Sandrine x

wimcee said...

Absolutely beautiful gowns Jennifer - so much style, and so much talent! Good luck,

Sandra Darling Visual Art Creations said...

oh my goodness, they are stunning -you are so very very talented!! amazing! I wish you all the very best with your venture!!!

You may also be interested to know I am looking at printing some of my more suitable images as fabric soon! I think they will be quite McQeen-esque!

I can't wait to see more of your creations!

Designs by Rondelle said...

congratulations on your new venture Jennifer, your gowns are absolutely stunning!!!